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Figure collections on sale!!!

I need your help! I'm moving in a couple of months, so I'm trying to clean up the shelves asap.

First are my Figumate Gurren Lagann figures. These are my extra sets, protected from sun, smoke and dust! I have three sets available, two regular and one with the rare figure. All of them are new items, open box and still in their plastic bags.

Figumate Gurren Lagann Teppelin Chapter #1 $36

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Feedback post

Hi, if you're a buyer or seller who got into business with me and would like to leave some feedback, then just comment on this post. Thank you very much!

Casey and friends!

Holy crap, I never laughed so much! this is a parody of "Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni" (this video works better if you have watched at least the first four "Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni" anime episodes). What would happen if it was dubbed in USA? I tremble in fear of what could happen...

Happy New Year.

Oh wait it January 24th.


Never mind.

Damashita Powerpuff girls z Opening 2

There's something wrong with me if I liked this opening so much O_O

Then again I think Buttercup (or Kaoru in this AU) is awesome.

Changed my LJ!

In the improbable case someone has found my latter LJ deleted or wonders why I'm adding you or people to my friends list, I deleted my old "kuriikurii" account and created a new one.